Thoughts On Expatriation

Every once in a while I sit back to take stock of my life. Becoming a first time parent, this means I have lesser time to reflect than I am used to, but carving out time for myself when my baby is asleep is a necessity that helps me keep my life in perspective.

Moving to a new country is never easy, even after having done it twice and now, third time. Everything we knew and have become familiar with is suddenly reset – the place we called home, our creature comforts, relationships and even our study or work environment. Having spent four years living comfortably in Singapore, we find ourselves packing for our next new home, Beijing.

We have been warned about the pollution, food safety issues and general disregard of civic conciousness amongst China’s locals, not to mention the severe disadvantage of looking like a local but not being able to speak like one. It is difficult to for us to truly know the extent and impact of what these ‘dangers’ would do unto us, no matter how well prepared we are for them.

One thing for certain is that facing adversity makes more sense when your sense of purpose is clear, and feeling afraid is a part of being alive. One of my favourite quotes sums up perfectly why we decided to take the leap of faith.

“Life begins at the End of your comfort zone, here is where the Magic Happens.”