Temple of the Sun (Ritan Park)

Apart from baby duties, eating and sleeping are the only forms of exercise for me. No, seriously. So when dad came over to visit, I finally had an excuse to get out and work out my sorry a**. Here are some photos of our jaunt at the Temple of the Sun, or Ritan Park – whichever you prefer.

Child or adult, we all love freshly pressed juice on a hot summer’s day. A vendor with a simple crate setup was churning out extremely refreshingly looking beverages with his manual press, a 100% real and straight out of the fruit!



The stone boat. Here you can sip coffee, read a book or just watch the world go by. Personally, I think it’s a nice and peaceful spot for quiet moments of reflection.. haha.


What better place to play a round of badminton? (mural depicting the sacrificial ritual to the Sun).


The park itself is fairly large and you will find it a pleasant visit overall, but don’t expect to find plenty of frills. Nice shady trees, plenty of park benches to rest sore feet and a proper track to exercise, what more could one ask for at the fringe of one of the busiest business districts in Beijing?  xx


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